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Gigawatt power plants produce 100% of

our need of durable cold clean energy for 1cent

 / kWh at each world location wanted. Clean = cheap!


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Energybird technology

The Energybird-system is the first clean energy

production system contributing significantly to the

satisfaction of the growing energy need of the world.

Note the high energy gain per m2 wing surface!


advice for the government

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The plus forces: citizens


The energybird technology is supported by a lot of citizen organisations.   They see  the big wind source with strong wind blowing 4 times longer, containing 30 times more energy than ground wind. They see the possibility for enough cheap and clean energy.


Worldparty  with spearhead Clean Energy


Never again letter to all members of parliament of all countries

with the call to act as one force against the minus forces

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The minus forces:

sly interest groups


A 4%- interest group against the rest, against the people, 96%. Interest groups are stumble stones for cheap energy. They try to maximize their profits. Is that criminal behaviour? The nature offers more than enough cheap clean energy. The technology is there to harvest enough. The solution is near. So we go on!

The political situation is shifting:  more

support for real solutions.






Pointing at an open secret


From the known to the unknowns secrets

Finding the last pieces of the crime puzzle

Using the criminal law to counteract oppressors

Please compare: 

Solar power: a part of 150 W/m2 (summer), of 40 W/m2 (winter)

Energybird windpower:  4000 - 12000 W /m2 wing surface

= some 100 times more energy gain per m2


Don’t forget:   Energybird windpower has per m2 some 100 times more potential than solar power.

The energy bird 







earn money with

clean energy products


Energybird  LOGO:

Clean Energy is no problem



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The energy source wind is now totally within reach



Tekstvak: Now strong wind above 500 m, containing much energy, can contribute to clean energy production



and enough




De echte wind


Boven 500 m, tot 3000 m, waait het 4 keer vaker dan aan de grond. Dat is een factor 4.

Bovenop is de wind daar nog sterker: tenminste 2 keer sterker. Dat is een factor 2.

Factor 4 maal factor 2 = factor 8 .

Dezelfde windmachine kan boven 8 keer meer energie invangen, omdat de condities

beter zijn dan aan de grond.

Dat betekent 8 keer goedkoper te kunnen werken:

Uit een kostprijs van 8 ct / kWh wordt 1 ct / kWh. Is dat zo moeilijk te begrijpen?


Boven waait de echte wind. Een profi gaat boven vissen!

Ovaal: link
Ovaal: link


Der echte Wind


Oben, zwischen 500 m und 3000 m, bläst es 4 mal häufiger als am Boden. Das ist ein Faktor 4.

Darüberhinaus ist der Wind oben auch stärker: zumindest 2 mal stärker. Das ist ein Faktor 2.

Faktor 4 mal Faktor 2 = Faktor 8 .

Dieselbe Windmaschine kann oben 8 mal mehr Energie einfangen, weil die Verhältnisse günstiger sind als am Boden.

Das bedeutet 8 mal preiswerter arbeiten:

Aus einem Kostpreis 8 ct / kWh wird 1 ct / kWh. Ist das so schwierig zu begreifen ?


Oben weht der echte Wind. Profi’s fischen oben!


Don’t forget:   Energybird windpower has some 100 times more potential than solar power


The Real Wind


In the altitude, between 500 m and 3000 m, the wind is blowing 4 times more often than on the ground. That is a factor 4.

Moreover the wind up there is also stronger: at least 2 times stronger. That is a factor 2.

Factor 4  x  factor 2  =  factor 8 .

The same windmachine can catch 8 times more energy up there, because the conditions are better than on the ground.

That means to work 8 times cheaper:

A costprice of 8 ct / kWh shrinks to 1 ct / kWh. Is this so difficult to understand ?


Up there the real wind is blowing. Profi’s go fishing up there!

W .

A small step for you  .  a big step for society:


Tekstvak: Ignorance doesn’t help further. And becoming scared 
of the oppressing sick brotherhood is not helpfull either.


Letter Answer



World Party + Kiddds 

+ 100.000 Students

focus on Bilderberg-Group