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   Clean Energy is no problem                       read the story of the invention

         with this new type of windmill                                                              










Clean Energy

enough from wind

with energybirds,

flying   between

500m and 3000m.

Flying windmills.

Costprice 1ct /kWh


Much cheaper than

oil, coal, atom

G. Niessen  .

Tel 06-39 79 6116  .

mail @ energybird .org  .

TOPtech Energy, Delft, NL  .

Tekstvak: generator
Tekstvak: electricity







See the film   .    see the film of the machine working   .    see the film !


Flying windmill: one part of the machine stays on an island /on a platform in the sea: the anchor station with generator. Part two climbs up to 500m - 3000m, catching the strong windpowers, transporting it via rope to the ground: the plane, made from superstrong materials, big and ultralight.


Compare the 4000 W/m2 energy collection of an Energybird with the 40 W/m2 energy collection of a solar cell, and see the factor 100 between!