Tekstvak:   Read please also the text below !

An island (or a platform) in the sea with a big generator

therein is the base of an energybird, tapping high concentrated

energy out of the strong high altitude wind (HAW) 500m -—- 3000m

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Energy - extremely cheap, cold and clean

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Supernova,  Sturmvogel,  Stormbird,  Energybird 

are  names  used in the course of the developement


Please note, that the rope is getting longer and shorter, again and again. See the film! While the rope gets longer, the generator below is drilled, resulting in energy production. This current production is taking place only down in the anchor station. Very imporant for efficiency: No heavy generator above in the thin air!

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         Energybird over the sea, ultra-

         light, able to swim on water.


   Generator on island or ship


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