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Energy - extremely cheap, cold and clean
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Inventor of the Albatross

Windmachine: Gunther Niessen

Inventor of the water fuel cel

Stanley Meyer

Inventor of electromotor and

 e-machine: Nicola Tesla

Three technologies. Each can power the world with clean energy.

Three thinkers, three technologies : Stanley Meyer’s ‘water car’ is using a hidden source to split water into hydrogene and oxygene. From then on it’s known technology. See his water-fuel-cell below. /// The e-machine of Nicola Tesla is using a hidden source to produce current. From then on it’s known technology. See Tesla’s famous car below. /// The Albatross Windmachine of Gunther Niessen is using a well known energy source of nature: high altitude winds and storms driving the clouds. It’s all well known technology.   

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Energy - extremely cheap, cold and clean
















               Inventor of the water-fuel-cell


            Stanley Meyer 1942– March 1998




























            Foto water-fuel-cell                                   Foto Tesla’s famous Electrocar,

 production of hydrogene and oxygene                 inside e-machine and electromotor



In april 2009 the news went round the world, that cold fusion or “nuclear effect” is a real process, producing an output / input - energy-ratio of 25 at room temperature. Deuterium and Paladium are the materials needed. 

Fleischmann and Pons made the discovery 1989. But then they had not enough control over the parameters to repeat the process at will. Now lab’s around the world are following the trace again. In July  2010 the judgment of top-experts (and of the Pentagon!!!) is: “No doubt, that we are producing a nuclear  fusion at room temperature. The production of extense heat and  of Tritium and of Helium are proofs of the fusion”. About 70% of all experiments end with a positive result now. Not still 100%. The why? is under research.


In 1989  Fleischman and Pons could realize only some procent of experiments with positive results. A repetion in het MIT-Institude in 1989 produced some procents positive results also, but that was kept back by fraud, showing clearly the existence of “local Bilderberg-groups” in the sciense-community, working undercover as molls. On top of the fraud they did everything to crash the reputation of Fleischman and Pons and to withdrow them the research budget. Fleischman, retired now, speaks of “a destroyed chance”. 20 years time lost. And the damages by the oil-industry reach new summits!


Well known is the energy amount freed in a reaction :  1 Deuterium + 1 Deuterium = 2 Helium.+ O2.  In normal water enough of the “fuel” Deuterium is present to produce giant amounts of energy. One of the open questions is:  is the reaction clean enough? Or is (radioactive?) Tritium, clearly  a co-product, polluting the process?


The potential of the nuclear reaction at room temperature is exciting. The scientist McKoubry of the SRI-Research Institute in Californis says to have seen experiments with an 100:1  output : input  ratio.  See the video:  www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=4967330n


The potential of the new technology is exciting and still growing.  On the other side, the potential of sick people, suffering from the sad-disease, known as the Bilderberg Group, and its long arms and hands in the field to withhold the positive results is weakening.

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Nikola Tesla and 1931 Pierce-Arrow automobile.