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Near house production of energy has its advantages!


Or will it be a mix of all these technologies? Clearly the price of an energy solution is important. Which system can compete with our price 1 ct/kWh? Delivery security is important. Subvention by the government plays a role.† Support by the government and the big players in the energy market have influence. Opposing interests have influence. Itís the real World! Support by citizen organisations and by small players in the market, neutralising the opposing powers, can get a key function for the presence of new technologies.


Will it be a mix of the named technologies? Or will it be none of that? For we always must hold in mind the factor surprise!


By surprise the energybird-solution emerged just at the begin of the third millennium, foreseen by nobody. The big source high altitude wind was known, but seemed unreachable. A small change ďmore with lessĒ made the difference.† Click on† morewithless† !† 3300% power increase of a known machine in one step! And after that more power expansion steps were possible. Now the new machine is on the way to become a main player in the big energy market of 5.000 billion Euro per year. Itís a near town solution and a near land solution. Itís not a near house solution.


Suppose the factor surprise shows up a second time, presenting a near house solution with overwhelming advantages!† Can be! If such a surprise-solution emerges in 300 years, itís too late for us now.


In each case the technologies known today, the energybird-technology for big scale cheap clean energy production included, will make an end to the period of fossil energy consumption and pollution of our homeland earth.


A small step for you  .  a big step for society:




The Energy Future is green




Our Energy Future


After presentation of new technologies for production of clean energy the question is: how our energy future will look like?

Will one production method dominate?

Production of current with energybirds? Or

production of current with the reconstructed e-machine of Tesla? Or

production of hydrogene with the reconstructed water-fuel-cel of Stanley Meyer? Or production of heat with cold fusion a la Fleischman-Pons?


Which role will play the old clean energy technologies as solarcells, thick-film and thin-film photovoltaic, and water-solarcells for heat production? Will they cover the roofs and walls of our houses?†

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